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The Beatles 「I Want To Hold Your Hand」は「I would like to grasp your hand」と同じ意味?ホームページ英文の完成の紹介



The Beatles 「I Want To Hold Your Hand」は「I would like to grasp your hand」と同じ意味?ホームページ英文の完成の紹介

ビートルズ 抱きしめたい beatles i want to hold your hand

先日、11月2日、NHKの音楽番組 SONGS でビートルズ特集番組を見た。

その曲で、「抱きしめたい」と言う曲があるのですが、原題は、「I Want To Hold Your Hand」、直訳すれば、「君の手と繋ぎたい」または、「君の手を握りたい」などとなる。


I Want To Hold Your Hand

エキサイト翻訳では、私はあなたの手を握りたい → I would like to grasp your hand.
ニフティ翻訳では、あなたの手を保持したいと思います。 → I want to maintain your hand.
ヤフー翻訳では、私は、あなたの手を握りたいです → I want to clench your hand
グーグル翻訳では、私はあなたの手を保持したい → I want to hold your hand





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"I Want To Hold Your Hand" is "I would like to grasp your hand" equivalent? Introduction to the completion of the English home page

the beatles i want to hold your hand

Recently, on November 2, saw the show featured Beatles music program SONGS NHK.
Japan is planning a 45th anniversary. "I Want To Hold Your Hand," "All You Need Is Love," "Something," "Hey Jude" was playing in the video including hit songs, so the subtitles were out, and conveyed the meaning of the song easy to I think.

In the song, "Hold Your Hand" is a song that says, Hyundai, "I Want To Hold Your Hand", you can literally 「君の手と繋ぎたい」「君の手を握りたい」 and so on.
However, the title of this modern song "Hold Your Hand" and decided, Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Record Division (now Toshiba-EMI Ltd.) in having a clear out first produced by Mr. Hiroyuki Takashima, director of the Beatles is not. However, I think translating a great impact.

Thus, when the English into Japanese, so Japanese people are targeted, but I think he is allowed to insert Japanese sentiment, really, when translating Japanese into English, but their English Who's right, really unsure.

For example,
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Translation of the net site, and translate into Japanese
Excite translation, 「私はあなたの手を握りたい」
Nifty translation is 「あなたの手を保持したいと思います。」
Yahoo translation, 「私は、あなたの手を握りたいです」
Google translation is 「私はあなたの手を保持したい」
Be. Will find meaning. But you want to keep, I too literal translation is

For, whereas the opposite is what happens ...
Excite translation 私はあなたの手を握りたい → I would like to grasp your hand.
Nifty translation, あなたの手を保持したいと思います。 → I want to maintain your hand.
Yahoo translation, 私は、あなたの手を握りたいです → I want to clench your hand
Google translation, 私はあなたの手を保持したい → I want to hold your hand

English to Japanese, and English became the same, just google translation.
Earlier, funny and thought "I want to hold", and became the original English, rather than a precise meaning, the translation function Repeat (?) And I can say is excellent! ?

Anyway, look at the four English, in the sense, whether the same or slightly different, but not for me English is less than convincing.

Of such, resulting in a website in English.
Japanese homepage, top and into English, and English who can look at our in-house, and it into English and You're quite carefully.
But I was dull sensibility, pins ... But come now complete.

Who are looking to export, who has been on a short business English, who are good at English, means, please have a look.

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The meaning of today's blog, you know?

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